Pre-Teaching Prep Work

Did you have a year of “interning” before starting to teach? Do you wish you had?

Via The Hechinger Report: a post about someone who did and thinks its a great idea.

I can tell other new teachers wish they had the coaching and practice my teacher preparation program provided me in my residency year. Most have had to learn their teaching style and techniques on the fly. I was able to develop mine before taking on my own classroom. And while it is rare for a high school to hire a first year teacher in D.C., Eastern felt confident in my ability because I had spent a year as part of the school community.

Read more: “My first years of teaching” at the

If you are curious, you can find out more about one teacher training program, Urban Teachers, here.

From their “about us” section:

Urban Teachers, formerly named Urban Teacher Center, was founded in 2009 to solve a critical challenge in urban education: new teacher quality.

We built a break-the-mold teacher preparation program from the ground up to ensure every teacher would get the experiences and support they need to produce results with students.

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