Posts From: September 2014


As I wrote in one of my first blogs for FreshSchools, the turnover rate for Principals is disturbingly high.  Many don’t even make it past two years.  Being a parent, I’ve heard grumbles about the “administration” for years in various schools.  I had my own personal gripe last year which brought me to my knees.  […]


Halloween is like Anchovy Pizza. You love it or hate it. Loren Schmalle loves it. He’s one of those UBER parents who every year steps up and does the impossible—he mounts a massive Halloween Festival at our local public school. The mantle was handed down to him from Kurt Bierschenk, his Halloween mentor and fellow […]

Volunteers Rule!

Summer keeps getting shorter. The time to relax with the kids, unwind and disconnect is over before you need to heat the pool.   For most of us, back to school means the loss of precious family time. However, it may also mean returning to a comforting routine and increased freedom. For some of us, it […]