Learning outside the calendar

So much of education has become rote through tradition and time. Ever think of what Summer Vacation is really about? Ever notice how much kids forget after it?

“So the kid who didn’t do well in Chapter 12, that child is going onto 13 completely unprepared,” said Tonk. “We need to be focusing far more on what kids individually need and less on moving at a curriculum pace.”

It also doesn’t make sense that schools assume students learn at the same pace from September through June.

“Why can’t kids finish Algebra 1 in September, why can’t kids start Algebra 2 in March?” he said. “It’s because we are beholden to an education calendar that assumes that all kids will go farm in the fields in June and be there in mid-August when the harvest comes in,” Tonk said. “The idea that we are holding kids’ learning hostage as a result of a calendar is crazy.”

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