Now You Can Engage Your School Community Without Fear of Burnout!

While you focus on fostering your school community, FreshSchools brings all the tools you need under one roof.

Instead of annoying email chains, time crushing newsletters, and awkward pleas to asking people for money, let FreshSchools do the work that bogs you down.

Replace the multiple apps with one delightful system that saves you dozens of hours every month. Our system is seamlessly integrated to keep your PTO running smoothly, because you did not sign up to do paperwork! 😉

Show Me How

Parental engagement is not just a buzzword!

Today more than ever, parents want to be partners in their children’s education. First step is to create an engaging environment.

  • Provide a simple and intuitive system for better engagement.

  • Send or schedule messages or alerts.

  • Send instant updates to individuals or class rosters, or groups of people.

  • Post one-way announcements for specific groups.

  • Start a discussion invite specific groups to comment and forget the annoying Reply-All messages.

  • Set up calendars and be notified automatically.

  • Handle all this on the go with Freshschools smartphone app.

Need Volunteers?

Simplify your event sign ups and coordinate with your parent volunteers.

  • Create volunteer requests and invite folks to sign up with one-click.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of how many slots are open/taken and send gentle reminders.

  • Find volunteers in specialized areas by giving parents the opportunity to tag their special skills to their FreshSchools profile.

Raise Funds Like a Pro

Reach your fundraising goals faster and easier, using our donation tools. No more embarrassing conversations with potential donors because, let’s face it, no one likes to ask for money, unless it involves girl scout cookies 🙂

Most giving is 80% emotional and 20% rational; and the best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story.

  • Create that meaningful story in minutes, so that your donors will be inspired to donate.

  • Allow donors to setup recurring payments based on a schedule that works for them.

  • Accept payments via debit/credit, cash or checks – whatever payment method works for you, works for us.

  • Accept credit card payments starting at just 2.2% (for registered non-profits) via Stripe.

  • Send gentle, automatic payment reminders for unpaid pledges.

  • Send receipts and tax letters automatically to donors.

Got Spiritwear?

Why bother a “techie” parent, when FreshSchools can set up your school store for you? We even integrate it with a payment processor. Just add your products and start selling in minutes! It doesn’t get any simpler.

  • Sell t-shirts, tickets, seasonal products – anything you’d like to sell, all in one place!

  • Let folks place orders from any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • Track all your online and offline sales in one place.

  • Accept payments via debit/credit, cash, or checks – whatever payment method works for you, works for us.

Who Loves Enrichment Classes?

Everybody does! But let’s be honest – the admin work needed to make enrichment classes run smoothly is not a walk in the park, especially when operating Paper, Excel and other necessary tools. FreshSchools comes with a full featured module to beautifully handle all aspects of enrichment classes – registration, rosters, payments, and communication – all in one app.

  • Manage enrichment programs with dates, capacity and fees.

  • Let parents enroll and pay for their classes – from any device.

  • Manually enroll students for specific classes if needed.

Organization for the Millennial Age

Drop the pencil. Step away from the scraps of paper. FreshSchools’ offers an effortless way to know who’s in your child’s class, remember all the parents’ names and have all the pertinent, class information at your fingertips.

  • Save time by having parents easily input their own contact information from their phones or computers.

  • Keep your phone number private, but keep receiving messages on it if you so wish.

  • Access your rosters anywhere, using your mobile app.

  • Save yourself from that “embarrassing” moment, when a parent’s name escapes you.

  • Communicate with your team with your new and improved organizational tools.

Are you a shutterbug?

Shooting photos of field trip and school events is fun; collecting email addresses to share them is not. FreshSchools makes it easy to securely share photos with specific groups. Parents can instantly browse the pictures and enjoy your labor of love!

  • Save time uploading photos to albums that can be shared with specific classrooms.

  • View full size pictures in original resolution as slideshow; or see thumbnail gallery for quick browsing.

  • Upload documents in folders and share with specific groups.