FreshSchools is a technology
company that builds products to
help parents volunteer smarter

Our Story

Years ago, I was having coffee with my friend Mark and we happened to discuss our experience working as parent volunteers at our local elementary schools. We found our fellow volunteers spending way too much time on paperwork, spreadsheets, forms, and mass emails. When we could not find a system in the market that we were happy to use ourselves, we decided to build it. Thus was born FreshSchools!

Beautiful design and wonderful user experience has been the cornerstone of FreshSchools from day one. Our entire team is committed to providing a highly innovative and robust solution that everybody in your school will LOVE!

FreshSchools is the only tool you’ll need to easily manage and automate your PTA / PTO communications and fundraising. More importantly, FreshSchools gives you the freedom to live your life and focus on what you really love about volunteering!

– Joe Mathews, CEO

Our Team

We believe that time is the essence of life. Our world is moving so fast and it’s easy to get caught up with things that slows us down. That’s why we built FreshSchools so that parents can get most out of their time. We are a thoughtful, tightly knit team that’s committed to innovation and fresh ideas. We are making technology easier for the parents and the best is yet to come.