Amazing ideas from inspiring kids

These kids serve as a reminder what nurturing an inquisitive mind can bring to the world… for instance:
• a non-profit funded by hand made ornaments that as built $650,000 worth of fresh water wells in the developing world
• a low cost filter for airplane cabins that reduce the risk of spreading the flu
• a cooler for transporting vaccines that is powered by bicycle and requires no ice or outside electricity
• a water filtration system that mainly uses corn cobs

This is literally how to change the world, one amazing student at a time.

Billionaire philanthropists aren’t the only ones who can change the world. Sometimes a plucky kid with big dreams can leave an even bigger impact.

These innovative teenagers attack problems with grit and ingenuity in order to fix environmental issues, cure diseases, pursue entrepreneurial dreams, and uplift at-risk populations.

If they are at all representative of their generation as a whole, the future should be just fine.


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