5 Great Sites for Middle School Classrooms

It’s wonderful how many resources are out there when you know where to find them. We’ve rounded up a few great ones.


DIY is a safe online community for kids to discover new skills, meet friends who are geeks just like them, and be awesome.


Newsela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that’s always relevant: daily news.


The easiest way to engage your students with videos: pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students’ understanding.
Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons, add your voice and questions along the video.

Facing History

Facing History and Ourselves is an organization that works to instill intellectual vigor and curiosity in the world’s secondary school students, by providing ideas and tools that support the needs of teachers. Independent, critical thinking is at the heart of a free society, and adolescence is the time to develop those skills.


Real-world lessons from Mathalicious help middle and high school teachers address the Common Core Standards while challenging their students to think critically about the world.

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