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Amazing Kindergartens

Another amazing kindergarten, this one in Italy. Can we go back to kindergarten? In addition to improved safety measures, the new school incorporates a variety of energy efficient technologies including a rooftop photovoltaic system and rainwater harvesting. Read our previous post about Japan’s tree kindergarten.

More excellent candidates highlighted by the Global Teaching Prize

The Global Teacher Prize is “an annual 1 million dollar award that will be given to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.” It’s a good resource to get inspiration from some incredible teachers, and highlights their story. Take Linda Cliatt-Wayman, who has transformed one of the most violent, troubled […]

You earned your break

We hope you’ve had a wonderful, restful time off. Can’t agree more that teachers need a good, restful break. What high school student reflect on their teachers’ work-life balance? None that I know of. I remember turning in essays in English class on Friday and receiving them back the following Monday. Each essay was returned […]

Teaching Emotional Intelligence & “Soft Skills”

Can emotional intelligence be taught? Probably can’t hurt to aid its development. Studies and real world experience show compelling reasons to get behind it: reductions in future misbehavior, confidence and more. From NPR: Soft skills might include teaching kids to work cooperatively in a group or teaching them how to think about the long-term consequences […]

Controlling Play

Allowing children to play can teach them a lot more than intervening (at least according to one blog author.) Do you agree? Exceptions? “I will NOT!” he yells back. “You have to let me play! That is the rules!” He gets dangerously close to them. The adults observing the children look over at me with […]

School without walls

Some say nature is the best teacher, and are taking that concept into schools. A typical day at Fiddleheads starts at 9 a.m., with Desi, Stelyn, Joshua and fellow students zipping up waterproof suits so they can climb on, and sometimes slip off, sopping-wet logs; create secret forts under dripping boughs of bright green, and […]

What Teachers Do

Welcome back if you are back, here’s to a wonderful Monday. If you are on vacation… enjoy it! Here’s a video you might like:

Who will be “the world’s best teacher”?

Know a teacher who should be nominated? Find out more about the Global Teacher Prize here. Teacher Belinda Daniels is changing up how indigenous culture is taught in Saskatchewan. … In Pakistan, Humaira Buchal is an advocate for young women’s education. She has been teaching disadvantaged young children since the age of 12 and helped […]

Should empathy be the emphasis?

Should empathy be the emphasis? Look back and remember your favorite teachers and administrators… did you learn “more” from them? (Probably, right?) Does it turn out that their understanding of your situation through empathy might have made you like them more? The articles highlighted below lay out how empathy can help teachers and students. Both good reads, hopefully inspiring […]

‘Hello from the Mother Side’: See stressed-out mom’s hilarious Adele parody

Does doing your kids’ homework make you want to write a forlorn song? Or perhaps pour yourself a big glass of wine? Adele’s “Hello” has already spawned plenty of parodies, but this may be the first to touch on the frustration of doing your kids’ math homework. Mills hilariously struggles to complete her daughter’s fractions […]