Raise Funds Like a Pro

Reach your fundraising goals faster and easier, using our donation tools. No more embarrassing conversations with potential donors because, let’s face it, no one likes to ask for money, unless it involves girl scout cookies 🙂

Most giving is 80% emotional and 20% rational; and the best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story.

1. Create that meaningful story in minutes, so that your donors will be inspired to donate.

2. Allow donors to setup recurring payments based on a schedule that works for them. We also make it easy to share fundraisers with friends and family!

3. Accept payments via debit/credit, cash or checks – whatever payment method works for you, works for us.

4. Accept credit card payments starting at just 2.2% (for registered non-profits) via Stripe.

5. Send gentle, automatic payment reminders for unpaid pledges so you never have to follow up on outstanding payments. We do it for you!

6. Send receipts and tax letters automatically to donors. No more licking envelopes or carpal tunnel symptoms this tax season!

7. Document your account balances, easily and correctly, with a touch of your fingertip.