Parental engagement is not just a buzzword!

Today more than ever, parents want to be partners in their children’s education. First step is to create an engaging environment.

1. Provide a simple and intuitive system where the community can engage and interact with each other.

2. Send or schedule messages or alerts that do not get buried among the gazillion messages we all get everyday.

3. Send instant updates to individuals or class rosters, or groups of people like committees, room parents or teachers.

4. Post one-way announcements for specific groups and let folks read per their convenience. Announcements magically disappear on expiration date.

5. Start a discussion invite specific groups to comment. This keeps all school related discussions in one place, no more annoying Reply-All messages.

6. Set up calendars that lets all the parents see their own, personalized calendar. Let FreshSchools send out automatic reminders, as smartphone notifications and email.

7. Handle all this on the go with smartphone apps, so that being a parent leader does not mean you are a slave to your computer.